14 June 2015

Recycling – unknown word to some!

Unfortunately this word appears to be discovered in Greece still too often. Found this beautiful spot in Northern Crete, calm, sandy and rocky beach, let´s enjoy the sea and sun! But… As soon as you get to the parking, you can see all the garbage around, which really does not come from the sea either from the people who visit the beach just for a day. This garbage comes directly from peoples home. Instead of bringing the stuff to the dump or proper containers, some people bring it to the beach parking, how easy and fast!
The sea is not more than 50 meter away, beach even closer. I saw few cars coming and unloading their “goods” to the parking, most shocking was one family. Father comes with his scooter, having his two little daughters with him and the mother comes a minute later with a big jeep and they unload their car empty. What kind of example the parents gives to these kids, who supposed to be the generation of being more aware and thinking further than just today?

We often clean beaches and parkings, but this time decided to create something different, something which in the best case would stop people dumping their rubbish in the nature. To show them and to make people think.  Don’t we all like to live in and meet a clean nature?



I wish this girl learns besides the counting to respect the nature...

Pasta, cola, MP3, mobile, dinner time!

Yes, OIL !

Light in the kitchen

Smells like roses

Let´s clean up!

Camped one week on this spot, seen numerous amount of people visiting this "home", people taking plenty of photos and even the local newspaper came to have a look. It look for me that most people were happy to see this new home on the beach, maybe it can stop the pollution, or atleast making it less, who knows? Will go back there in some point and have a look for the situation..hoping for the best! All I could see that few pick-ups made an u-turn with their loads, instead of dumping it on the beach :)

*** 3 months later, on September 2015, I returned to this place. And how was it? Click this article to see the result!

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  1. Anonymous15 June, 2015

    very good initiative, congratulations


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