21 November 2015

Kouremenos - Port and beach life with a friend

Kouremenos is a small place with a beach and port just beside to Palekastro / Palaiokastro in eastern Crete, south of the known Vai- beach.Vai is known for its palm forest and Kouremenos is known for its surfing. It is a well known spot for surfers, so you can understand that there is quite nice amount of wind in there! We stayed at the port some days, had nice time again with my Swedish camper friend whom I met frist time three years ago in Peloponnesos.

Old boat having end of his life on the port...

This one is getting a nice new paint!

My Swedish friend is sooo handy, he has helped me already before and this time he installed a meter where you can see the energy of your batteries and your consumption, thank you!!!

Opposite of the port you can see this big flat rock called Kastri and few surfers still surfing :)

I went for a walk with the doggy to see this rock closer. This hill gave Palekastro its name in the Middle Ages when the region was dominated by the sovereign power of Venice. On its flat summit the Venetians established a fortress. In the course of the centuries the stones were cleared away and used by the people of the region to build houses.

Indeed it is a surfer spot. Most tavernas had surfing stuff as a deco.

Kouremenos Beach

In here you have plenty of space to escape from the busy Vai- beach. Kouremenos beach is about 2 km long.

Kastri rock from the other side.

My friend with his lovely doggy <3. She is such a hugging cutie!


  1. On niin mukavaa lukea sun blogia,kun aina kirjoitat myös paikkakunnan historiasta.Otat myös loistavia kuvia.Hyvä sinä!

  2. On tosiaan ihanan helppokulkuisen näköinen rotko! Ja ruotsalaisellakin on kiva koira. Mainitse ihmeessä aina, kun rotko on koirakelpoinen. Minusta on hauska ajatella, että noita "sinun rotkoja" samoilee sitten vastaisuudessa useampikin koiran kanssa matkustava. Jos niihin vaikka törmäisi itsekin :-)


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