11 November 2015

One day stop at Asprolithos Beach

Plan was to continue the road from the Kapsa monastery to Kato Zakros, but already five km later I could suddenly see this beautiful beach in this rocky area. Ah, Kato Zakros can wait one more day :) 

Asprolithos means in Greek, "white stones" and yes it was kinda contrast between the darker rocks. Just close your eyes from all the greenhouses which are behind your back, take your shoes off and wonder around this sandy beach. That day was no wind, water was turquoise and sun was shining!

Perfect stop for a swim, there was even a beach shower to use and a large parking to have an overnight stop with camper.


Bye Asprolithos, now it is time to go to Kato Zakros!


  1. Kyllä on kirkas ja upean värinen vesi.Hienot on maisemat ja kuvat.

    1. Joo, oli ihan pakko pysähtyä ja sai uida ihanan kirkkaassa vedessä!


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