26 November 2015

Trekking day through Hohlakies (Chochlakies) Gorge

I wanted to walk through this gorge after Kato Zakros, but no way that I could have manage to pass the village of Chochlakies with my camper, so narrow it got. Didn´t like the idea to park either next to the road, so I thought I must skip the idea of walking this one. BUT...After spending few days in Kouremenos with my Swedish friend, he suggested why not to borrow his scooter and get there? I was thrilled! It was 11 km drive, so why not :)

The trail of Hohlakies is 3.8 km long oneway, so you need about three hours to make a roundtrip. You can also choose to not return and take the longer geo-route until Kato Zakros. This gorge is easy to walk, mostly you stay on the river bed and it is also suitable for kids and dogs (!). I must also beware that if I can take my doggy with, since if there is more challenging climbing our trip ends there. (I should maybe write down each time which walk is suitablefor dogs in case you travel with a dog too).

You have to pass the village of Chochlakies and you will arrive to the parking of a church. Further is not possible.  The GPS coordinates for the parking are N 35°08'47" E 26°14'59" .
Park the car and start heading through the olives.

Leaving from Kouremenos with my friends scooter (thanks for borrowing it!)

A small presentation next to the parking.

The trail starts here.

There is a water tap beside the parking.

You need to walk some hundreds of meters through olives, before arriving to the gate.


First view to the gorge.

The trail is very well marked with red dots and arrows.

Twisty olive tree with a hole in it!

In the end the river bed gets wide.

Arrived in Karoumes beach.

Small pause.

And I was not alone! There were these two cute goats and one small group having a picnic (they have come with a boat).

BBQ and a place to sit down.

Getting to the trail back.


Roots find its ways!

Scooter was waiting for me and I started my other 11 km drive back to Kouremenos :)


  1. Ai.kun söpö skootteri!Mikä on ajellessa,kun aurinko paistaa ja upeat maisemat menee ohi.

    1. Juu super söpöläinen oli tää, tosin kahvasta kun käänsi, niin tuntu ettei mitään tapahtunut, oli vaan 50 cc, mut olispa kiva jos sais itsekin auton perään jonkun kaksipyöräisen, muuta kun fillarin!

  2. Hienot maisemat.Tuolla olisi mukava vaeltaa.Kuvat kertoo paljon.

  3. Tämä oli mukavan rento ja kaunis reitti!


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