24 March 2016

What´s happening?

Our days have been plenty of things, so my blog has been on a tiny break! Sea, city visits, food, cooking, menu, jewelries, photographing and many more things, so the life hasn´t been quiet at all, certainly if you have two dog buddies with you, it never gets boring!

I totally agree with!

As we do have this wonderful spot in Frangokastello and where we have our very own Greek family (I higly recommend that everyone should get one), I was helping them by creating a new Menu for their taverna. New fresh look and some new food and I hope their clients will be even more pleased this coming season!

The old menu was in three languages, now five, Russian menu I made seperately, since five languages in one, just could´t fit. Much photographing and I think I worked nearly 200 hours with the menu. Now it is printed and they will open in 10 days time :), so welcome!

Delicious fava- beanballs, well this time burgers.

This do not need explication, right?

Vegetarian spaghetti with minced soya and vegetables (also my recipe)..

Sofia, the mother of the family was many days busy to making their own cheese.

After making your own cheese, you need to taste it, baked peppers with cheese, yammy!

Nero is meeting a hedhodge, better not disturb it!
Nero the doggy from Cretan mountains is doing well, last vaccinations and stamps for her passport were done in 29.2, so she is ready to go soon to Finland! And it is actually very soon, since Nero´s new family will come to Crete on next week sunday, how exciting!!!!!

Nero likes sunbathing (yes, she got or actually was stealing my chair!)

Some shade needed in hot days!

Oh my how these two are palying wild so many times a day, even when I start to go for a walk, they start to "attack" one and other..

Ive had several city visits with Sofia in Chania, nice change for the country side life :)

And of course when I get myself in the city, I just have to do some bead shopping.

Last months we have cooked so many times together, this photo was taken in 3 March, some kind of traditional day in here for "burned food in bbq", I just didnt totally understand the story, but it is widely done that people do bbq or eat out in tavernas..

My job was to prepare "vegetarian souvlaki" and Satay sauce from peanuts. Satay is coming originally from Indonesia and I love it so and so does the family now after they got a taste of it!

Table getting ready to eat bbq stuff!

Camper friends from Austria

Then it was time to shoot photos from meat dishes and we spent again a wonderful evening together!

Destroying the meat dishes!

This photo is from February when a brave young man went to swim, grrrrr! And last days I have seen more people swimming since some tourists have already arrived for the Easter.

And of ourse the dogs have had their beach plays!

I just love this photo! Wave was suprising Nero and she wanted to get quickly out of the sea :)

My girls sleeping!

Doggy meeting!

What a cool place to be a DJ !!!!!

Eating on Clean Monday (no meat, just fish)

My veggie burgers are in front :)

And many many many beautiful sunsets to enjoy


  1. very beautiful pictures ... ;o)

    1. Thank you, got hungry :)?

    2. Oi mitä ihanaa koiranelämää! Voi kun osaisi vielä itsekin heittäytyä leikkimään noin täysin rinnoin. Ja nälkä tuli juu.

  2. Löysin sen paikan missä ootte parhaillaan.Triopetra-kolme kiveä.Upeat on maisemat ja rannat.Siellä on varmaan rauhallista.Enää kaksi päivää niin Nero näkee uuden perheensä.Jännittävää!

    1. No on todella jännää, huomenna on suuri päivä meille kaikille! Juu, 6 päivää Triopetran rauhassa, UPEAT kelit, ja 50 suojakertoimen rasva jo käytössä, todella tarpeeseen!

  3. Ihanaa kevätelämää, parhaita vuodenaikoja Kreikassa kun lämpö alka tulla, on vihreää eikä vielä liian polttavaa. Voi koiria, saattaa Raineyllä tulla suru puseroon kun Nero-leikittäjä lähtee...

    1. Jassu Mirkka! Suru tulee puseroon meillä, mutta tiedämme että Nero pääsee parhaaseen mahdolliseen kotiin "velipoikansa" luo ja ihan muutoin ihanan hulluun perheeseen <3


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