16 May 2016

Agiofarango Gorge with friends

Me and my doggy, a handmade gift from one of my previosly unknown blog reader from Lithuania :), THANK YOU!

As I said previosly unknown but not anymore. She was writing for me before getting to Crete and we were changing several mails and I told her that if she will see my camper parked somewhere, please come and say hi. I was just in Matala and I received a mail from her that the she and her husband were also there and she was thinking that she has spotted my camper. Amazing since they were also travelling around the island, not just staying in one spot and renting rooms in different places. And yes indeed she did spot my camper, so few hours after the mail we met and she gave me this wonderful handmade gift, exactly like me and my dog :). We had nice chat together and for the next day we programmed a walk together, since they had planned to walk Agiofarango gorge and had a suitable rental car to reach there. I was getting part of the team :).

My Lithuanian friends R & A. Isn´t her hat just so cool?

Impossible to get with a camper in here, so I was glad to have the opportunity to do this walk. You can park of course on the parking of the monastery, but the way from there would be like 20 km as a roundtrip and not so interesting to walk just a dirt road. After the gate where my friends are posing the dirt road continues and we realized that you can still drive further down, but the road is really not in a best shape.

Here you come to the second gate...

..and we found more cars! This parking is big!

Agiofarango Gorge /Agiofarago, the gorge of the saints starts here. It is an easy walk, about 2 km one way, suitable for children and dogs. The hermits used to retire in caves to pray and medidate in solitude.

Church St. Anthony dating back to the 14 AC. Named by the patron saint of hermits.

You can see rock climbers in here all year around. Greeks and other nationalities comes here to camp and climb.

Next to the church is a water well and you can fill your bottles in here.

Picnic table available beside the water well.

Arrived in Agiofarango Beach. Small beach but none of us was ready to swim! We had quite some clouds and wind with us that day!

But we were ready to have a small pause :)

Cross on the rocks

And since this is gorge ending to the beach, there is no other way to get back than walk the same way back over the river bed. Thanks for the walk R & A and I hope to see you soon in Lithuania :)

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