26 May 2016

Arriving to Hungary and Camping in Budapest

Again border change done, Hungary calling!

Just like in Bulgaria and Romania, I needed to start vignette hunting, this time it was easy, already the first stop next to the highway had a small kiosk where you could buy them. They only accept cash and since I did not yet have Hungarian Forints (HUF), I used euros. Vignette costs 5950 HUF but they charged 28 euros. As I had (again!) no idea about the currency I paid and left. 5950 HUF is in reality 19 euros. Be sure that when I will arrive to Poland, I will have the currency rates in my head before, grrrrrrrrrr! Before that there will be Slovakia and they use euro, no conflicts.

I just took the highway until Budapest, very good road and they even have thought the security and had animal bridges, great!

Arrived in Budapest in Arena Camping.  Maximun weight 5 t, since you need to pass this small bridge inside the camping. Very friendly staff with good English and they supply you with tourist maps and other brochures. You can take a buss and metro to get to the center nearby or if you want to use a taxi, use the one that the camping recommends (I know that now for sure, since the taxi drivers can really over charge tourists!!!). GPS coordinates are N 47°30'15" E 19°09´30".

Green camping with trees and flowers, one adult 1500 HUF and camper 3500 HUF or 17 euro a day, including electricity and also free wi-fi.

Hahaha, I had a good laugh for this sign to get to the ladies room :)

Clean toilets and showers!


  1. Anonymous27 May, 2016

    Minä olisin luullut eläinten ylikulkusiltaa ruohottuneeksi jalankulkuväyläksi (ja paheksunut unkarilaisten kävelyhaluttomuutta)... Onko sinulla muuten koira mukana, jos menet kaupunkia katselemaan, vai vartioiko se vaunua?

    1. hahaha, Kreikassa ruohottunut silta olisikin voinut johtua juuri em. syistä :P. Välillä koira jää autoon ja välillä pääsee kaupunkeihin mukaan, riippuu paikasta ja keleistäkin. Muistan kuinka Amsterdamissa koira sai tulla mukaan sovituskoppiinkin asti kun minä sovittelin uusia lumppuja :P


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