29 May 2016

City life in Budapest

Discover Budapest with a rental bike...

...or with hop on hop off bus...

..or even with this cutie if you like! I also saw the Tuk-tuk vehicles :)

I decided to make my tour with the buss and all other Scandinavian languages were there, 
but not Finnish, well, I survived with English too.

Crossing Danube


Weather was sunny, cloudy and I had even some rain, but while shooting this photo, people on 
the park, it reminded the park back home, Esplanadi.


Right beside the synagogue I found this good beer bar, perfect! Pivo and More had a good selection of beers and naturally I chose something new for me. And that was Corvinus Rex 5,6%. Reddish, deep golden color beer aged on Tokaji Aszu barrels. Sweet, fruity aroma (due the Tokaji) with some hop-bitterness. Not the best choice with meal, but otherwise interesting!

If the beer was interesting, my meal was surely different too, grilled Frech Camembert 
served with blueberry-walnut pasta! It was tasty!

Ive seen all kind of funny flower pots, but this one was really unique!

Buss tour included also a cruise on the Danube river, lenght was about 1,5 hours. While everyone was waiting to get in the boat, there was a Finnish group of men, maybe ten of them standing behind me. On that point they have had surely more than just one beer and one of them said to his friends loudly in Finnish - "That blond surely dont miss color or tan!!! " I turned and said in Finnish - Precisly. After no more words from them - dead silence for a moment.

Parlament house. I was told that there are 600 rooms and 20 km stairs!

Cable elevator.

Freedom monument

Not many modern buildings, but this one was modern office area..

Old and new meets! The new building was just having a Belgian beer festival and I was thinking to get back there day after, but the weather was so bad, so decided to skip it, pity.. I really enjoyed Budapest and would warmly recommend it!

..Day after was time to hit the road again and see little bit the countryside of Hungary :)


  1. Anonymous10 June, 2016

    Budabest on todella kaunis kaupunki.Olisi ihana käydä siellä.

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2016

    Ahahaa!Tais mennä ukoilla pasmat sekaisin,kun olitkin suomalainen.


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