31 May 2016

Countryside air in Hungary Nagysap

Hey!!!! We are in the countryside running, so happyyyy :)

After Budapest was time to have a taste of the Hungarian countryside and found this excellent spot for campers in Nagysap (60 km northwest from Budapest). It is in the parking of the Hotel and Restaurant and there is place for 6 campers. 10 € night including electricity, water etc + there is one hotel room reserved for the campers just beside the spot, where you can use toilet and shower. Washing machine and jacuzzi also available (!!!).  You can also play billiard or do bowling and enjoy a nice meal in their restaurant.
GPS coordinates are N 47°41'11" E 18°36´28".

View from the camper stop

Motorbikes are welcome too and they have build a safety parking for bikes, never seen this before and as I am also a biker this gave me a pleasure to see this!

Restaurant Granarium

Was time to taste Tokaji wine

Garlic soup served in fresh bread! This has always been my favorite soup when I go Helsinki in Vltava beer restaurant and now I had a chance to have it in here! I enjoyed the food in here and the prices were friendly too.



Many sights to see nearby Nagysap. Such as the biggest basilica in Hungary, Esztergom Basilica. You can visit one of the most modern spas of Hungary, Aquasziget Spa, Castle of Visegard and for the hikers there is Ram Gorge. This gorge sounded very interesting to me, but the weather was really not the best, so if I ever come back on the region I want to visit this one! Originally it was vulcanic canyon but now hikers can experience a drop of 112 meters where ladders and hand-rails are placed to aid in descending.

My last chance to taste Unicum, herbal alcohol drink and huooaah, so strong and no, no more this for me, was not ment to my mouth. It is worldwide known and I am sure many people appreciates it, matter or taste, as always :). See you in Slovakia!

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  1. Anonymous10 June, 2016

    Ihana maalaiskylä.Olet nähnyt aivan ihania paikkoja.Kuvat kertoo paljon.


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