22 May 2016

Goodbye Greece - road to Bulgaria and Romania

Arriving to Bulgaria from Greece.

As in many countries are these days vignettes to pay road tax, I was stopping in one the firsts gas station and went to buy one. As they speak rarely any English, not sure if they sold the right one since they were not able to see my van, which was parked behind the building...Price for this was 15 Bulgarian Lev, so about 8 euros, valid for one week. There it was also form sticker that you need to glue on your window. Very cheap after Greek toll roads!!!!!

Heading direction Romanian border and found this silent truck park in Voyvodovo,  2.50 e a night with free wi-fi. Really calm, small restaurant and runned by a friendly family. GPS coordinates are  
N 43°39'08" E 23°50´46".

They had this "small" baby boy, Rino 10 months. Once my doggy felt small and cute beside him! Don´t understand me wrong, he was very friendly for people and also towards my dog.

And of course I need to test Bulgarian beer, served in the truck stop restaurant and the price made me laugh, only 1 euro for a 1/2 liter bottle!

I had my small moment with Eurovision 2016. Just missed the Finnish performer, grrrr!

Left just before 10 am the next day and hey, there is no road to Romania! Well there is, but not there where I was! So, let´s take it as an experience, crossing Danube with my camper. Ferry had just left so I needed to wait nearly 2 hours, since its crossing every two hours.

I felt the price high, but wanted to give it a try. 61 Bulgarian Lev = 31 euro (30 e camper, 1 e passenger). This was possible to pay with credit card.

Left Bulgaria behind...

When I got out of the ferry in Romanian side, they still charged 11 euros terminal costs! The receipt tells 29,03 LEI, but they charged 11 euros. I looked later and 29,03 LEI would be 6,5 euros.They either charged me like a tourist or there is something I didn´t quite understand. At least the reason was not that this 29,03 LEI would have been passenger costs and they would have forgotten to give me a receipt for my van, since the cyclists front of me, didn´t need to pay any fee...

First vehicles I saw in Romania were these and later I saw many of them. They were pulled by variety of animals; horses, donkeys and bulls.

In Romania you need to pay also road tax, so I went again for vignette hunting. Several stations did not sell them, the first one I found in a bigger city, Craiova. Like last time, not sure if I paid for a correct vehicle. It costed 13,42 LEI = 3 euro and valid for a week.

For me houses looked more fine in Romania than in Bulgaria. More decorated and many times beautiful woodwork in fences. But still, it looked quite poor in general at least in the countryside.

Typical village road. They all seemed same!

First lunch beside the road. You can guess that lunch was inside my camper..

Funny looking bridge upside down.

So many satellites, reminds me Morocco..

Very cute Romanian stray. He camped in a parking spot next to a road. At least he had water, since there was a water point and he didn´t look skinny. I named him now Apa, water in Romanian language (like the story from Nero...). Friendly young boy, but did not want to approach too close. Of course he got the meal of the day, maybe enough also for the stomach for the next day too.

Night went again in a truck park. This time it costs 5 e for 12 hours and next day they were trying to charge me another five euro, since I passed the time with one hour. I told them to forget that one and they went off...Next destination Hungary and directly to Budapest. Time for some city touring :)


  1. Enjoy your time in friendly Hungary. Haller camping is located so near that historically center and dogs are welcome there too.
    Don´t forget visit Margit-island. I have some ultrarunner friends who live in Budapest and they told me that island is "must" when visitig city - and they were really right.

    1. Thank you Pasi! Tomorrow photos from Budapest coming in here :). I was planning to visit that island, but unfortunaly the second day weather was so bad, so I didnt manage. Just had the boat cruise and only a stop there. Well, I have a good reason to return there and I really liked Hungary and the people!

  2. Anonymous11 June, 2016

    80-luku,ah Romania,Romania!!!!

    1. Romaniasta on hyviä muistoja, kun mummini kanssa siellä olimme muutamia kertoja juuri tuolloin 80-luvulla mustan meren rannalla. Mutakylpyjä ja valuuttakauppoja :P


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