17 May 2016

Last days and visits in Crete!

Goodbye tour in Crete and of course one more time a flat tire. This was fifth time in Crete that I got one!

Often you get a flat tire next to a highway, during the rain etc, but this time, I had absolutely no stress. Camped on the beach and no hurry. Called my insurance and I got the help few hours after. These boys had a lot of difficulties to get all bolts open, so I was glad not doing it myself this time!

And well look at the photos below, first time in my life I went to do a really girly thing in a beauty salon, imagine how many nails would have been broken if I would have changed the tire?

A check if the parking was still clean? Read the article of the garbage art in HERE

Just one boat tide up, but plenty of old regular spot in Kastri.
Saying goodbye with the family Taverna over there and also to my Austrian friends who have a house there. Gosh, I will miss my friends food, he is such a good cook!!!!

Erich prepared the best pasta I have ever eaten with Austrian mushrooms, sooooo tasty!

Coffee time with Lithuanian friends..

Happy to see still Eleni and her beautiful daughter Sunny!

I was not aware that they eat imams in Crete :P

Back to my very own family in Frangokastello and there was a package waiting for me from Holland. Yammy! Got Soya, sausages, chocolate, handmade things and a photo from a very dear dog for me who have just passed away. R.I.P Guido!


Birthday dinner!

Made a small deco to put with the honey pots since they make their own honey and sells it from their taverna.

Improvised Blues jamming with a Finnish lady and her German husband. Fun fun fun :)!

Now it was my turn to make a cake...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...!!!!

Since someone has birthday, its time to make a present, I made a bronze bracelet...

Easter was arriving this year very late, 1 May and Sofia was making traditional cookies for Easter.

Easter cakes made by Sofia

Easter eggs

In Crete they traditionally paint the Easter eggs in red and add some decos. Sofia use the natural way. She takes flowers and leaves from the nature, wraps them thight with the eggs in ladies VERY fine socks (pantyhose), boiles the eggs around 20 minutes with red onions and so are the Easter eggs ready! We spent wonderful easter together, had good meals and moments.

Dinner after midnight when back from the Church 30.4, actually it was 1.5. Traditionally people go to the church before midningh, lights their candles etc (read more from my last year article in here)  after not eating meat in 40 days before Easter, this is the moment, meat meat meat! Next day we had a big meal together with the family. BBQ and so much things to eat!

Last repairings for Sofias jewelries (since I became her private jewellery maker :P)

Collecting last herbs, packed in tiny aluminium pieces and put them in freezer. Taste of Crete available still when I am back in Finland!

Hmmmm, I was just wondering what the customs might think that what are in these???


  1. Anonymous18 May, 2016

    Lomalle Suomeen?Olen kuullut ja nähnyt yotubessa miten lujaa sä aina ajat.Hiekka vaan pöllyy.Ettet vaan käy välillä ojassa.Onneksi joku elättää rengasliikkeitä.

    1. Höpö höpö, ne videot on nopeutettuina :P, mutta kyllä sattui liian usein kohdalle noita rengasrikkoja. Lomalle lomalta :)


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