14 May 2016

Nero´s last days in Crete and new life in Finland

We decided to spend Nero´s last week with us in Triopetra Beach in southern Crete. Fabulous weather and excited times since we knew we would meet Nero´s new family soon! So I had time to make some little souvenirs too.

For the boy of the family I made a mini Nero from beach stones and sand...

...and for the mother a brooch from silver plated wire. I was told before she preferes uses only brooches and the same source told me that it is really practical to use one, since when you eat in a restaurant  you can hide possible food marks on your shirt :P.

Oh my, that looks like me!

And the BIG DAY arrived! I went to pick up the family from Chania airport and brought them to their hotel. We spent nice afternoon together and the family finally met their new doggy! Nero´s new family is very cool and relaxed and the boy and Nero is having a special connection as you can see already from this photo taken in Day 1. 

What could I have asked more? I got Finnish rye bread !!!!!!!!!!

My favorite Finnish chocolate, Fazer Blue

And treats for my doggy too :). Thank You so much!

Neros´s last moment in Cretan ground before getting to the box and having her flight to Finland. Her flight went very well and she was ready to meet her new brother Zorro, a rescue dog from Spain.

Zorro and Nero, new brother, new sister.

Playing together...

...sleeping together...

...going out together!

Yin & Yang

I am greatful forever for Nero´s new family. Imagine that we found eachother via internet and they took a flight to Crete just to adopt Nero <3. I feel and know she got a perfect home for her and I am getting plenty of photos from Nero´s new life in Finland and waiting to see all of them this summer in Finland!

But before that I had my goodbye tour to make on Crete and many countries to drive through.


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2016

    C'est une super chienne et elle mérite bien sa nouvelle famille


    1. Anonymous16 May, 2016

      Vihdoinkin kuulumisia sieltäpäin! Nerolla näyttää olevan hyvä elämä Suomessa, on se mukavaa. Koko tarina oli kuin jostakin romaanista, ja te kuitenkin olette ihan oikeita eläviä olentoja. Luulen :-)

    2. Sateisena päivänä vihdoinkin aikaa käydä kuvasatoa läpi ja juu ollaan me oikeita, Walt Disney ei kerenny kirjoittaa meistä :P

  2. Anonymous16 May, 2016

    Olen myös seurannut innoissani Neron vaiheita.Nero sai aivan uskottoman kodin Suomesta.Totta,aivan kuin lukisi romaania.Ja hei,he ovat ihan oikeita ihmisiä sydän täynnä kultaa.Lisää odotellessa.

    1. no kaks on ainakin koiria :P


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