28 November 2016

Finland summer 3, Nuutajärvi

For me there is NO SUMMER without Nuutajärvi! I really like this little glass village with a long history. Nice friendly people and you can easily meet the artists themselves in here. You are also most welcome to park for overnight stayes with your camper. Parking is calm and straight in the village N 61°02'33" E 23°26'12".

View from Nugo glass shop

During the summer there are exhibitions and many other activities, this year one expo was PEEP SHOW! Yes, you read correct, but also suitable for children :P.  Really fantastic idea behind, many black "boxes" with a small hole to find the art. Sometimes you needed to walk around and even find the hole to "peep". Clever to make the audience also work a little and participate in this way!

I loved the work from Marika Kinnunen. When you look inside the box you see glass people and a black tissue. But when you look closer, you will see that there is a mirror and actually your own eyes are reflecting to the tissue and then you discover that you are the one wearing a burka and looking the world with different eyes. If you look closer to this photo, instead of seeing my eyes, you will see of course my mobile phone taking this picture from the hole. You can click the photo bigger.

Anu Penttinen- When things are not what they seem

Gina Salaris had a nice work Kaste with changing colours.


Do not miss the summer cafe! Anu Penttinen, the founder of Nou Nou design is keeping a summer cafe where her studio also is. Cozy and delicious cakes and pies!

Meet Anu

Dogs are also most welcome :)

Some of the goodies are coming from her garden

All things baked there, yammy!

Spending time in the day in summer cafe, spending evening in the house of Anu with friends :). Well do not expect that Anu invites all clients to have an after party in her house :P

As the previous years, also this year there was a totem competition. All participants get a trunk of wood and they create something funny or arty out.

Other expo this summer was "Hilavitkutin", I will not even try to translate that, but you could see art works from the blacksmiths and play with the art, not just look.

Mostly art is not to touch, but here it was a must! The little note tells you "Please touch!".


Again party time, this time Chez Lea. Lea had prepared pizza dough and we all were responsible of making our own pizzas. She was naturally giving us some teaching, atleast for me it was the very first time. What a nice idea and every one had good time!

Proudly presents - My pizza

And it was tasty!

Later in the evening we watched Portugal-France football, since we also had four French amongst us. Portugal won - doesn´t matter- we had a cheerful evening!

Lea´s doggy and my doggy were both in the party and late in the night, each one in their own coach :)


  1. Tuonne pitäisi päästä.Jos ensikesänä?

  2. salut, Très joli village avec des personnes (artiste) vraiment accueillantent


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