26 November 2016

Finland, summer part 1, vroooooom!

Summer 2016, finally time to do some articles (means its raining out here)! I was thinking to do one mixed article, but found it impossible to choose just some photos, so next days I will share some highlights in our Finnish summer until we get again really up to date! Okay, to the point. Jarno Saarinen Memory GP was held in Ahvenisto and I was happy to be there too!

Jarno Saarinen was a Finnish Grand Prix motorcycle racer and won also world championship. He died only at the age of 27 in Monza, Italy in a race. Last summer was held a Memory GP for him and was great to see my old bike friends and of course the bikes racing!

With this bike Jarno Saarinen won his first medal in 1971. Brother from Jarno, Jari Saarinen was racing with it now in Ahvenisto.

There was also place for my camper to stay at the pit stop, so plenty of time to walk and wander around :)


Juha Berner ready to race!

Bike from Timo Paavilainen, who is still very active with bikes and racing. In August he participate with his team in Suzukas 8 hours Endurance and came 26th. He was Finnish champion already in 1992. 

Bike from Teuvo "Tepi" Länsivuori also a former motorbike grand prix racer.

Same kind of bike I drew for years <3, still missing her!

Im sure he was the youngest mechanic!

Saturday evening after the race there was a gala evening at Hotelli Aulanko, Hämeenlinna. Money was raised for children with kidney problems with this auction. Many thanks to Harri Rintamäki, he had much work to organize Jarno Saarinen Memory GP!

Great weekend and one of the highlights in summer 2016 :)

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