30 November 2016

Finland, summer part 5, Turku

Also to visit Turku from Nuutajärvi, was close, maybe 80 km or so. Turku is the oldest city from Finland and was also our first capital city before Helsinki became a capital in 1812. The governement stayed still in Turku until 1827 when there was a big fire and the city destroyed almost completely and after they also took a place in Helsinki. Unfortunaly for some reason (?) I was not taking many pictures from Turku, but believe me, its worthwhile to visit if you happen to pass by. You can stay with your camper overnight N 60°27'05" E 22°16'39" in here, directly in the center, parking near the cathedral. You have to pay for the parking between 9-18, 0.60 e per hour so 5.60 e a day. From this spot you will have everything nearby!

"Hjelt´s house"

To reach the river "Aurajoki" is few hundreds meters from the parking, It is nice to walk the side of the river in both sides, cafes and restaurants and people having picknics outside when the sun is shining.

Pity was not when I was there, this International Grand market could have been interesting (Yes, I just love markets).

Tasty dinner in the local micro-brewery, Restaurant Koulu. "Koulu" means school in Finnish and the name comes of course that before it was a school. Beautiful old building with huge terrace outside, dog is also welcome in the terrace!

So as you could see, not many photos, but go to discover Turku yourself :)

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