28 December 2013

Greek partytime

Camping Koutsounari was inviting us to have a Greek evening at their restaurant and wasnt that an evening! It was a fundraising evening to support young people to do sport. Thank you for the whole family at the campsite, you made a nice evening for us!

22 December 2013

Days in Koutsounari

Beach photo, top of the mountain covered by snow!

Colder weather has arrived in Crete too! We stayed some fabulous days in Camping Koutsounari, weather was not the best, but other things were perfect. Could see how they work with olives, had good moments and party time with three other couples (Germany and Austria) and a Greek party with livemusic and of course the dance ;) (this photos I will add in the next update)..

20 December 2013

Frangokastello to Chora Sfakion

Frangokastello castle was built by the Venetians in 1371-74 to deter pirates and to protect Venetian nobles and their properties. Official name was originally Castle of St. Nikitas, but since the local never accepted the Catholic foreigners they called the castle Frangokastello, meaning "Franks = the Catholic foreigners". The name eventually stuck and was adopted by the Venetians as well and today it still carry the same name. The castle is located next to see and could be a nice spot to stay in a sunny day, but I was not lucky with the weather so the road continued to Chora Sfakion - village nearby...

12 December 2013

Tsikoudia - Raki, Jamas for my mother!

No it´s not water - It´s Raki

Cretan Tsikoudia, locally known as Raki is a strong alcohol beverage made out of grapes and seems that everyone in here drinks it and produced it at home. Alcohol % changes quite some, it can be from 30%-60% alcohol by volume! Everyone who has been in Crete surely has come across to Raki.

So once again I got some, this time offered by the campsite....Yesterday evening all electricity went down and got back again this morning after 9 am which means I had pretty fresh night. 8 am 8 degrees and the lady of the campsite came to knock my door and was giving a bottle! She said - we are sorry about the electricity, here is a bottle of Raki for you, it keeps you warm ;) - Once again, Greek hospitality, thank you!

So I want to make a toast for my dear mother today on her birthday - Cheers Mom, Kippis Äiti - Jamas!

8 December 2013

From Bali to Rethymnon

Bali (!).....well not the one in Indonesia, just here on Crete ;). The name Bali has nothing to do with the Indonesian Island, someone told that it comes from word "vali" and vali means prince. The Cretan Bali is a tiny village and pretty much there is no live at all in off season. Its located between Rethymnon and Heraklion and surely looks a lot different in summer...

4 December 2013

Elounda - the little fishing village (only in winter)

Port of Elounda

Elounda is located just 10 km north from Agios Nikolaos, northern Crete and in winter it turns for a quiet fishing village after the hectic tourist season. From the port you see also Spinalonga- island, the leper island which I was writing earlier  ( Spinalonga ). Hotels, most taverns and shops are closed by now, it must be very opposite from summer! Again one more time im happy to be here off season without the crowd...