20 December 2013

Frangokastello to Chora Sfakion

Frangokastello castle was built by the Venetians in 1371-74 to deter pirates and to protect Venetian nobles and their properties. Official name was originally Castle of St. Nikitas, but since the local never accepted the Catholic foreigners they called the castle Frangokastello, meaning "Franks = the Catholic foreigners". The name eventually stuck and was adopted by the Venetians as well and today it still carry the same name. The castle is located next to see and could be a nice spot to stay in a sunny day, but I was not lucky with the weather so the road continued to Chora Sfakion - village nearby...

Castle of Frangokastello

Sheeps and goats are everywhere on the roads

Chora Sfakion

Chora Sfakion is pictoresque little village with its 278 habitants (2001) who lives from tourism, olives and sheeps/goats. In summer its very popular stop by ferry for those who come back from the hiking of Samaria Gorge. There are two ports in this small village, other port was a good place to camp for few days due the wind, totally protected. Few taverns were open here too, so once again could enjoy a Greek dinner.

Bay of Chora Sfakion was also a tragical point in the second world war, the village has also settled a monument for that in the town, to not forget.

”From this bay between 28th May and 1st June 1941 the last Australian British and New Zealand forces whichfought alongside the Greek forces in the fierce struggles of the battle of Crete against the Germans were evacuated by British and Australian warships”

Monument battle of Crete, behind is the bay

Tiny church in the port
Windy, this car will get hits!!


waves hitting beach wall

doggy got friends while eating in the taverna


water was calming little with the sunset

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  1. On hienoa,että kirjoitat Kreikan historiasta.Mielenkiintoista luettavaa.Hyvä tässä on itseään hieman sivistää.Erittäin hyviä kuvia niistä paikoista mistä kirjoitat.


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