28 December 2013

Greek partytime

Camping Koutsounari was inviting us to have a Greek evening at their restaurant and wasnt that an evening! It was a fundraising evening to support young people to do sport. Thank you for the whole family at the campsite, you made a nice evening for us!

Nikos, Jurgen, Inge, Renate, Mister Harry ;), Angelika and Bernd

view from outside

view from outside


Let the dance start!

little "lottery" for the fundraising, every fifth ticket won

Winner team ;)

Inge won a new watch

happy owner for a new shirt :P



and dance!

the little ones getting sleepy

but the party goes on, yeah!


  1. What a party, so a wonderful atmosphere! Could I be there, too, but I have lied in bed in terrible flu (Christmas stress?!!) since Thursday, today a little better feelings!
    Tomorrow we´ll have a difficult night (Rambo is so afraid of "bombs" that it´s a hard work to get him out for pissing! And it will take the whole night here outside of the city center :(.
    KALI XRONIA! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta! Jatkukoot seikkailunne onnellisissa merkeissä!

  2. Hello Eija, pity to hear you was ill, let the new year start better for you, Kali Xronia too! I Poor Rambo, I think here we will not hear too much fireworks, if the weather is still good this evening we will sat around a campfire on the beach ;)

  3. Elle est pas belle la vie ???
    The life is not nice ???

  4. leloup, tu as tout as fais raison ;), LA VIE EST VRAIMENT BELLE, 12 months per year!


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