14 December 2013

Plakias days

Canyon road Rethymnon - Plakias

Plakias was just a fishing jetty before, it was mentioned first time in 1961 when it was recorded to be a village with six fishermen having a permanent home. Few decades ago tourism found its way in here and today there are many resorts with houses and hotels. Suprised that there was still now three supermarkets and some taverns open! Very calm and nice place to stay for several days.

I was parked many days along the beach and noticed that there are quite a few foreigners living here all year round. I had chats with some of them like an English man, Swiss man, Dutch man, Belgium man, a German lady who we had a good laugh about the common things that we two shared. Maybe we see another time and make some walk together with our doggies in this area. Then I met this happy Irish chap who was just enjoying his first days of pension, beeing a free bird now ;) and an English poet who was in Plakias with his van too. By listening the people, locals or foreigners who lives in this country and culture, we can learn so much new things! They mostly always make my day ;)

Plakias by a tire

Port of Plakias

windy at the port

Few tavernas are open all year

Plakias sunset

I cant resist to take photos from the potteries!

Plakias Bay


very low rainbow over the village

Panoramic view to the bay

Tony and puppy Louis + me as a shadow ;)

The English poet who I met with his puppy doggy Louis in their van. Here is a link to One of Tony´s poem

Hiking around Plakias

Hiking path
Each evening the sunset was fabulous! As the sun sets here behind the see, you could see it well, viewed from the place I was parked.

Plakias sunset -like birds

Plakias sunset

Plakias sunset - big angel wings

"river sunset" with doggy

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  1. Mitkä maisemat.Olet saanut vangittua kamerallasi hyviä kuvia.Onneksi ei ole turisti aika.Täällä yksi kateellinen.


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