24 February 2014

Trekking in the Dead´s Valley, Kato Zakros

I was camping five days in Kato Zakros, the village I said I want to get back, since last time there were way too many mosquitos (even for a Finn like me!). You can read the earlier visit here (click the link). Soooo, finally I had chance to hike the Dead´s Gorge and I was walking trough it three days in a row with the doggy. Each time it showed me a new side, I felt like the Alice in the Wonderland, It was such a paradise! You could hear almost all the way getting down the beautiful sound of water, time to time the bells of the goats and then pure silence. Each time it looked different. First day I had more eyes in the big "scenes", second day I already made more attention for the beauty of the mother earth and third day just enjoying fully from all of its beauty. In winter there is water in the river and I needed to cross the river about 4-5 times, but it was no problem since there were big rocks to step, no wet feets! For the doggy it was perfect, she could dive in to the water almost all the way, she enjoyed it so much!

15 February 2014

Happy days in Koutsounari

Back in the camping Koutsounari for four days was like coming home! Old friends Renate and Harald was still there and also one new couple from Austria Stepanie and Leo, didnt I learn more Austrian German again ;)! I learned Pancake is in Austrian "palatschinken" and I teached that pancake is in Finnish "lettu", so with this we could make a happy palatschinken-lettu party! And that was not our only party, It started already the arrival day by Renate´s deli welcoming party, then we had spagetti party a la vegetarian bolognese and as a last day Renate made a super delicious Valentine´s day cake - oh my - I will miss all these goodies and I think the doggy too ;). We had once again good laughter in a good company!

Dutys before the party - laundry time!

6 February 2014

Amiras memorial

Many memorial monuments or places makes me silent, when you are aware of the cruelty that has happen in that place. Biggest silence in my life I experienced in Normandy France, when visiting the American Cemetary. Of course to follow the path of World War II in Normandy was in every way impressive, but thats again another story..

1 February 2014

Previosly happened 5 - Odottamatta kääntäjäksi

Talvella 2011 kun olin opiskelemassa hopeasepän töitä Amsterdamissa, jouduin yllättäen kääntäjän hommiin ja en mihin tahansa sanastoon (!). Opettajani ja hänen miehensä remontoivat taloaan Amsterdamissa, samoissa tiloissa on myös tämä koulu ja olinkin siten helposti käytettävissä tuntien jälkeen...