6 February 2014

Amiras memorial

Many memorial monuments or places makes me silent, when you are aware of the cruelty that has happen in that place. Biggest silence in my life I experienced in Normandy France, when visiting the American Cemetary. Of course to follow the path of World War II in Normandy was in every way impressive, but thats again another story..

Amiras Memorial monument is made to not forget the Holocaust of Viannos in 14-16 September 1943 when the Nazi forces attacked the Cretan civilian residents east of Ierapetra. Totally in 20 villages they were executed 500 people, burning most of the villages and destroying their harvest. The massive loss of live made this place one of the deadliest massacres during the occupation of Greece. Müller, the German general who was behind this attack earned his nickname "the Butcher of Crete". After the war he got executed for his part in this and other massacres.

Monument for the executed by the German Occupational Forces 14.9.1943


  1. Pala raskasta historiaa.On hyvä välillä muistuttaa maailmaa miten julma vain ihminen pystyy olemaaan.

  2. Moi!
    Luettiin sun tammikuun juttuja. Pysäyttää miettimään. Kirjoitat todella hyvin!
    T. Osku ja Maria

  3. Headstones of the rich and famous, or sometimes infamous, can be found in graveyards and cemeteries all over the world. greek memorials


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