24 February 2014

Trekking in the Dead´s Valley, Kato Zakros

I was camping five days in Kato Zakros, the village I said I want to get back, since last time there were way too many mosquitos (even for a Finn like me!). You can read the earlier visit here (click the link). Soooo, finally I had chance to hike the Dead´s Gorge and I was walking trough it three days in a row with the doggy. Each time it showed me a new side, I felt like the Alice in the Wonderland, It was such a paradise! You could hear almost all the way getting down the beautiful sound of water, time to time the bells of the goats and then pure silence. Each time it looked different. First day I had more eyes in the big "scenes", second day I already made more attention for the beauty of the mother earth and third day just enjoying fully from all of its beauty. In winter there is water in the river and I needed to cross the river about 4-5 times, but it was no problem since there were big rocks to step, no wet feets! For the doggy it was perfect, she could dive in to the water almost all the way, she enjoyed it so much!

 The footpath through the gorge to Kato Zakros (Dead´s Valley) is important for another reason apart from its ancient history and its scenic landscape with the many caves. It is the last section of the European E4 path, which starts at Portugal, crosses the Mediterranean countries of southern Europe, and traverses Greece from north to south and Crete from west to east, to end at Kato Zakros.

I took so many photos that it was difficult to choose them out, but anyway I still selected quite some to put in here! So see the beauty of Dead´s Gorge ;)

Entrance from the down of the gorge

Magical Dead Valley

Maybe some of the Minoan time caves for the death?

Some of the vegetation I found lovely next... Look at this tiny little heart in a rock hole, was a size about a finger nail

so lonely!

meat eating plant???

Out of the gorge to Kato Zakros

Water point at the entrance B

Beach of Kato Zakros

Full Moon at Kato Zakros

Lemon tree

Still maturing

Goodies from nature

I had a chance to meet once again my friend TIME TRAVELLER (click the link), we seem to meet in most strange places regular base, last time was a month ago in a supermarket and we also met other times. So like always I had interesting conversations with him, this time he was teaching me what you can eat from the nature and how to prepare them to eat. Thank you my friend again!

Taverna Glaros, OPEN ;)

The one and only taverna who is open all year around, was of course open again. Taverna Glaros from Christine and Jorgos, here you feel welcome with a big heart. You could find me every day in here ;)

Doggy resting at Glaros after Gorge walking


  1. Ei tuosta luonto parane.Olet ottanut aivan loistavia kuvia.Pidin erittäin paljon niistä purokuvista.Näytti,kun veden pinnalla olisi ollut pumpulia.Niistä saisi kauniita tauluja seinälle.Täytyy laittaa tilaus tulemaan.Ymmärrän,että oli vaikeata valita blogiin kuvia.Varmaan oli mahtava kokemus kävellä siellä.

    1. Kiitos ;), upeasta paikasta saa upeita kuvia!



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