28 March 2014

Herbalist, spirit of nature

Giannis, the herbalist of Kouses is having his little shop in Kouses, not far from Mires (Moires) and I was many times planning to give a stop there and this time I thought, now I will not miss it! Giannis has a nice shop "full of things" and huge knowledge about the herbs with years of experience. He is supplying teas, spices, organic cosmetics, drops etc. You can stop there for a tea and wonder around all his pots. His shop has a nice spirit! You can visit his website from HERE ...

Look at all these pots !

drying peppers

This cat has a beautiful life in the shop

tea corner

drops and books to wonder

Giannis the herbalist

..And I did find many goodies to have with me!


  1. Ah, I really like to visit this shop. Sure wonderful aromas there :D! And pure products, too, I think. Must rebember this place, if some day...

  2. Kalimera Eija, yes, totally pure products and very nice place to visit, greetings from sunny sunny sunny Crete, by now you need already sun protection in your skin, some hot days behind and more hiking, coming soon photos ;)

  3. No toi kauppa sopii sulle.Oot niin vihreä.Varmaan löytyy puhtaita tuotteita.Mielenkiintoinen paikka.Tiedä vaikka käytäis siellä yhdessä sun kanssa.Matka lähestyy,jee!!!

  4. Niinpä, kohta oletkin jo täällä, kivaa ;)


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