29 April 2014

Hiking in Havga Gorge

This would be the big view if you arrive this point of the hiking!

Unfortunaly I did not, since I felt blocked just behind this beauty. I was walking this gorge alone and was not sure which way to try to get up. I got some tips from my Austrian friends (Thank you Harald and Renate) and they told me that the last cascade is little bit tricky to get up, but still I didnt manage. The places I did already see on this rather unkown gorge, was beautiful so was anyway all worth it! Its unkown gorge and even more unknown after this big ball. You need to swim there and you would need some climbing tools with you to manage to get over it, so most people would end their walk anyway in here (well I ended just before the ball already). Was pleasant walk and sometimes you needed to balance over the rocks. Crisscrossing the gorge to one side to another and looking the best place to walk. I did enjoy, but I have now saved the pleasure to "meet up with this ball" another time, something to wait :).

28 April 2014

Where is Kuksa today?

365 days of Kuksa 28.4.2014 - 27.4.2015

These coming photos will be for my "Kuksa", (what is a Kuksa? Read more in  HERE wikipedia) this special wooden cup which has followed me since 2009. I will shoot every day one photo "where is Kuksa today" and you can follow its journey in my blog. In the photos the codes you will see are GPS-coordinates which are telling Kuksa´s exact location. I will continue my regular updates about my travel too...

22 April 2014

The cave of Zeus

Psychro Cave - Diktatean Cave - according to the myth, Zeus was born in here. Cave is located in Lassithi, Psychro and it is 1025 meters above sea level. The cave is impressive to visit, rich of stalagmites and stalactites. Its the most famous cave of the 3000 caves in Crete! Since of its myth of Zeus, this is why the Dikteon Cave was already famous in antiquity, dedicated to the worship of the greatest of the gods, as the many offerings found there indicate...

18 April 2014

BBQ at Zorbas Island

BBQ chef Eric
 Passed many good moments at Zorbas and every Saturday evening they make barbeque, how nice! For me it was almost like beeing in some pub in Holland and after not using Dutch since last summer was so nice to speak it again (zo gezellig avondje :P)!

17 April 2014

Hiking with team Zorbas Island

Zorbas Island is runned by a Dutch family, Eric with his family has been doing the business with renting apartments, having a bar/taverna next to rental houses with swimmingpool and excursions of hiking on Crete last 15 years, so by now they are really experienced. Many customers comes back to Zorbas Island year after year and that doesnt suprise me. They are having a great team working at Zorbas and the food is real home made food from fresh products (!), an extra thanks to Helen for filling up our stomachs, we enjoyed every bite :)!. Every saturday they do a BBQ, all year around!

11 April 2014

Greek Dance in the Castle

I was lucky to see Greek Dance session while staying in Frangokastello, the idea was to leave that very same day, but the mind was changed since I was hearing live music from the castle. And good I did change the mind indeed! Group of dancers and the band were having several hours session on the stage inside the castle and it was filmed and coming out some point in the Greek TV, so I was told...

Pictures really doesnt tell it all, the sound of the music was amazing in this castle and when the guys were stepping their foot to the stage floor, the noise of it was wow!!! Im glad I did not miss this!

6 April 2014

One nightmare story

Emilie, Sophie, Antoine, Edgar and Leon

Today I got unfortunaly bad news from the French family I met here on Crete. Family Leloup left from France last summer as an idea to make one year off and travel around the Europe, which they did until 1.4! What happened on 1.4, is not a joke for them! I wrote earlier about them in HERE (the end of the update) and you can visit their blog in HERE

Before first of April they had seen already many countries, including Scandinavia, Eastern-Europe, Turkey and Greece. From Crete they left towards Italy and they arrived to Rome. They found a good parking place in a more quiet area and thought the camper would be safe there...but...NO...

Days in Frangokastello

As I did visite Frangokastello already earlier in November, see the old update by clicking HERE , but the weather was not so good, so I had now an excellent weather to camp here for several days. Was also a stop to do the Imbros gorge from here. I was everyday stunned about the colors of the sea in here, such a nice beach to stay! The next update will be also from here since I was lucky to see a Greek Dance session done in the castle, which was filmed and coming out from Greek TV on some point, so I was told..

1 April 2014

Hiking in impressive Imbros

After hiking the Preveli Gorge with my Austrian friends, Harald and Renate, some days later we hiked again together, this time Imbros Gorge. This gorge was familiar for me from the past, but since last time I walked it from down towards up, I never managed to see the whole gorge since I got "stucked" in the half way. You need to pay on the half way an entrance fee (only in season), but the man who was charging the fees was more interested to have (raki)-company. So I remember passing good moments with him, drinking little raki-shots from the old bullet parts which are found in Imbros, since during the second world war the gorge witnessed an evacuation of several thousands of British soldiers before heading to Egypt. I still remembered how he looked and I could straight reconize him from a photo which was in the middle point in his little hut. We had also now our pause in this hut and it was just like I remember it was ;). Some things never change!