11 April 2014

Greek Dance in the Castle

I was lucky to see Greek Dance session while staying in Frangokastello, the idea was to leave that very same day, but the mind was changed since I was hearing live music from the castle. And good I did change the mind indeed! Group of dancers and the band were having several hours session on the stage inside the castle and it was filmed and coming out some point in the Greek TV, so I was told...

Pictures really doesnt tell it all, the sound of the music was amazing in this castle and when the guys were stepping their foot to the stage floor, the noise of it was wow!!! Im glad I did not miss this!

Beer pause on this hot day

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  1. Vitsi mitkä asut ja puitteet.Varmaan oli upeata olla paikan päällä.Jotkut vaan osaa tanssia.


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