29 April 2014

Hiking in Havga Gorge

This would be the big view if you arrive this point of the hiking!

Unfortunaly I did not, since I felt blocked just behind this beauty. I was walking this gorge alone and was not sure which way to try to get up. I got some tips from my Austrian friends (Thank you Harald and Renate) and they told me that the last cascade is little bit tricky to get up, but still I didnt manage. The places I did already see on this rather unkown gorge, was beautiful so was anyway all worth it! Its unkown gorge and even more unknown after this big ball. You need to swim there and you would need some climbing tools with you to manage to get over it, so most people would end their walk anyway in here (well I ended just before the ball already). Was pleasant walk and sometimes you needed to balance over the rocks. Crisscrossing the gorge to one side to another and looking the best place to walk. I did enjoy, but I have now saved the pleasure to "meet up with this ball" another time, something to wait :).

Good spot to stay near the gorge, maybe 1,5 km from the entrance

Many local were working everyday on their lands on the Plateau of Lassithi. 

One vehicle to get to their lands, I found it very happy :)

Nights were VERY chilly (since its 900 meters above sea level), in the morning was -4 c, but when the sun was heating for a while, it got up to more than +20 c.

grrrrrrr -4 c !

Beautiful flower spotting !!! I really love the spring of Crete when all the wild flowers are showing themselves <3

Yes, you pass between these rocks!

I got a good tip from Laure, take your beach shoes with you, you will need them, and yes, was handy, I didnt need to have wet hiking shoes all day long, thanks Laure :). So I was changing them on during this water part. Water came until the knees and was d**n cold!

I was blocked in here, I manage to climb halfway of the cascade...

This photo I took from the cascade

Kalinichta sun in Lassithi, see you tomorrow :)

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  1. No huh huh! Mitkä maisemat.En mä tuonne yksin lähtisi vaeltamaan. Hyviä kuvia.


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