1 April 2014

Hiking in impressive Imbros

After hiking the Preveli Gorge with my Austrian friends, Harald and Renate, some days later we hiked again together, this time Imbros Gorge. This gorge was familiar for me from the past, but since last time I walked it from down towards up, I never managed to see the whole gorge since I got "stucked" in the half way. You need to pay on the half way an entrance fee (only in season), but the man who was charging the fees was more interested to have (raki)-company. So I remember passing good moments with him, drinking little raki-shots from the old bullet parts which are found in Imbros, since during the second world war the gorge witnessed an evacuation of several thousands of British soldiers before heading to Egypt. I still remembered how he looked and I could straight reconize him from a photo which was in the middle point in his little hut. We had also now our pause in this hut and it was just like I remember it was ;). Some things never change!

Imbros Gorge hiking path is 8 km long and the starting point is 650 m above sea level. It is a very easy walk over the rocks and stones and the most narrow point of the gorge is only 1.60 m.

Originally this gorge was used as a mule trail and it was the only connection between Chania and Chora Sfakion before the road was built.

Entrance, 8 km to go, dog is ready to start too!

Renate and Harald

Tree growing through the rock!

Meditation by Harald

a little pause

doggy watching me out

My meditation moment ;)

Harald and Renate

Renate getting down

The most narrow part of the gorge, 1.60 m and we all were posing to get photos on this point ;)



Doggy and me

The hut in the middle, just like it was in 2001

Manolis, also like I remember him ;)

Lunch in the hut


This time we attached the GPS on the doggy and instead of 8 km, she did 11.2 km. Im sure in many other walks she makes double than me, but this time the gorge was rather narrow, so she could not run so much to the left and right as usual..But was a nice test! I think in my shopping list for the future will be a GPS, so handy! You can download maps and see the path and its lenght after words, so dear santa, I wish.....

In the evening after the walk we had a very nice dinner, Renate prepared already in the morning vegetarian "souvlaki" and other goodies, so so tasteful after a nice walk, thank you Renate and Harald! 

vegetarian souvlaki by Renate
yammy !


  1. Fantastic photos again! You sure guess, which of them I think, was the best :-)! The test with Doggy tells the truth. She seems to be so well "educated" that she doesn´t run away! Really the free soul there.
    Have a splended week!

  2. Upeita kuvia taas.Sinusta on tullut taitava kuvaaja.Voi Reiskaa se vahtii sua koko ajan.Ihanasti olitte kirjoittaneet puuhun We love Crete! Enää viikko niin olen siellä.Jeeee!!!!!

  3. Thank you Eija, the sun glass photo :), im sure! We were just hiking in Lassithi plateau 2 days ago, and was beautiful, the nights were -3, grrrrr, so two days was enough! Have a nice weekend Eija!

    Kiitos, kohta kuvaillaan suakin, hihii, Jätettiin puumerkkimme, kohta on sun vuoro :)


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