17 April 2014

Hiking with team Zorbas Island

Zorbas Island is runned by a Dutch family, Eric with his family has been doing the business with renting apartments, having a bar/taverna next to rental houses with swimmingpool and excursions of hiking on Crete last 15 years, so by now they are really experienced. Many customers comes back to Zorbas Island year after year and that doesnt suprise me. They are having a great team working at Zorbas and the food is real home made food from fresh products (!), an extra thanks to Helen for filling up our stomachs, we enjoyed every bite :)!. Every saturday they do a BBQ, all year around!

You can enjoy the hikings or other excursions even you dont stay at Zorbas Island  and have afrterwords a drink and eat there, see more at their website in HERE and you can find them in Facebook under the name of Zorbas Beach Island, with VERY active updates and photos.

The walk we did was 12.5 km and can say that it was almost an untouched route, with high vegetation and nobody around. The week I was there, Erik made five different walks with people who were staying at Zorbas. He also organize quad- tours, unfortunally it was not possible when I was there, but next time better luck, would be fun to do!

We were with nine people and seven different nationalities (NL, GR, D, F, E, A and me as a Finn) on this Krateros Canyon / "Scalopatie" tour, every team member enjoyed, including the doggy, of course!


Notice the high vegetation

Still 10.5 km to go..

Thick vegetation

We had a nice coffee and cookie break in this church!

Eric and Marinos brewing coffee ;)

Women Team

Here are springs and many turtles around !

Im sooo happyyyyyy!

Excellent way to cross the water ;)

Suddenly we came in a place with fresh oranges, the smell was strong of fruits

lonely pepper

We had a lunch in a nice spot, real picnic on the grass. Marinos was amazing us all with his onion omelettes and Renate (of course!) had raki with to offer for all of us, funny Renate :P 

Eric and Marinos

Marinos baking onions for the omelettes

Marinos bag must be lighter now ;)

I <3 this little flower deco of Laure



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  1. Seuraavan kerran,kun tulen sinne niin tehdään toi reissu yhdessä.Upeita maisemia ja hyvää seuraa.


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