11 February 2015

City day in Rethymnon

I´ve always liked this city, Rethymnon, it was actually my first holiday ever in Greece when the drachma was still excisting, dating back to 2001. It is nice to wonder around the old town, even now in off season. Rethymnon lives from tourism mainly, but not only with its 40.000 habitants. Much olive oil is made in this district, like most part of the Crete. It has also a big university with 8000 students and this makes I guess the town more lively in the bars and cafes during the winter.

The big venetian castle is dominating the view at the end of the old town and it is one of the best-preserved castles in Crete.

You´ve got mail!


many many alleys to wonder around..

The old port in old town

happy colors!

Yes, it is winter in here too!

I wouldnt pass in here with my van!

Much windows like this in the old town

Carnival is coming! Around the city were already  several decoration done. Thousands of happy paraders will come to the streets and they claim to do the carnival like no other town in Greece.


Terraces were mainly open on the seaside


View to the tourism side, hotels, hotels, hotels! Notice the snow!


Yeti was here? 

Originally I was looking for Body Shop, but it was closed that day, well a reason come back again :)

But instead of Body Shop, I found my bead paradise in Nama Shop. Big selection of all kind of beads, locks, metal name it! If beads and jewerly making is your hobby, you might spend your holiday budget in here. Friendly service with reasonable price level.

Same owner has another shop in the port, but there you find only accessoires...

Accessoire like this rocking shoes, wow!

 Of course I did bead shopping too :)


  1. Juuri Saksan uutisissa kerrottiin, kuinka Kreikassa on satanut lunta ja tulin heti katsomaan oletko päivittänyt. Ihanaa sinun ei ole tarvinnut kärsiä lumesta. Siellä näyttää erittäin mukavan näköiseltä. Mukavia askarteluhetkiä sinne! :)

    1. Heissan Soleil! Viimeiset kolme päivää on ollut kylmää, +6 ulkona, pientä räntää ja koko Kreetalla erittäin tuulista, mutta löysimme tuulensuojaisan paikan. Pientä askartelua ollaan jo aloiteltukin :)

  2. Ihana Rethymnon ja vanha kaupunki.Kivoja muistoja.Et sentään vuokrannut moottoripyörä?Muistan vaan,kun joku ajoi rantakadulla tukka hulmuten.

  3. Nyt tarttis sivuvaunullisen että päästäis Reiskan kaa kurvailee :)


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