17 February 2015

Friend and sea - perfect!

Meeting up with my Swedish friend Peter - he has been for me until now a good reason to stop in Monemvasia, Peloponnese, but now he has landed in Crete with his lovely doggy and camper, welcome Peter and Wovie! I learned to know Peter few years ago, yeah another nordic person living in his camper and lucky he speaks good English that I don´t have to struggle with my (very) poor Swedish. Peter is a fabulous mate, excellent knowledge about "how to fix your camper" and It is good to have now a mate like him nearby :). I know sure now from whom to ask help, if I would get any problems with my van. We have already spoken about one small installation to my van - a meter where you can see how much you consume energy at once, this is interesting, since you would know how much its electronic machine is using. So waiting for this!

So in this sunny day in February, we met again and one of the day we went to sea with his boat (gosh, that guy has everything in his camper!). Peter is a passionate fisherman and naturally he took all his stuff with him, but no luck that day (thank goodness, me vegetarian seeing those poor fishes dying :P). No fish, so I prepeared a good old veggie dinner, hahahah! Just carrots for Peter this time, sorry!

Peter & Wovie

 Peter´s and Wovie´s camper in Agios Onoufrios 

My doggy just posing down in Agios Onoufrios. It is a nice small port, just some kilometers away from Chania. You only meet local Cretan people over there, how nice is that! Many people are coming there to get their dogs out and the brave ones are having a swim every day (and Im not talking about the dogs this time, I mean humans!). Even I do not swim this time of the year, yes, for me water needs to be more than hmmm +25 or something like that before even my toes gets wet.

Peter´s boat (Wovies too....)

Hoppa....wovie getting on board!

...and eventually me, my dog stayed in land!

Leaving the beach behind us

Peter has this GPS for the sea, handy!

I guess Wovie preferes the land....


double fishing...

...and fishing!

we came back with empty hands (carrots are waiting)...on this photo you can see one of the daily swimmers behind us...

Fisherman´s boat on the harbour


Dog from Yannis who has a taverna just other side of the road, lovely chap!

Wovie <3


  1. Vai olit kalassa hmm.Taisit heittää kasvis-syöjänä kalat salaa takaisin mereen.Ei muuta,kun porkkanaa huuleen.

    1. Eiku laitoin koukkuihin salaattia :)


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