2 February 2015

Ierapetra today

...well not actually today, but some days ago! Beautiful sunny day to wonder around the town, watching sea, having a coffee and just enjoy. This town is of course living much from the tourism, but not only that. It is nice to see that this town lives in winter too! Many bars, tavernas and shops are open all year around, what a pleasure!

Welcome to the most southern town of Europe!

The Venetians built this Kales fortress on the northern sea wall of the port to protect themselves from the Arab pirates. It´s believed that this fortress is built over an old fortress and the local myth tells that a pirate called Pescatore built it as a base of his pirate operations in 1212. Another available record is from 16th century when it suffered from the after effects of an earthquake. Later on it suffered from the raids of the Turks.
a Genoese pirate called Pescatore originally built Kales Fortress in 1212, as a base for his pirate operations. The earliest reference available is an official script by the Venetian Senate on April 13, 1307, where the construction of the fortress is mentioned. In 1626, Francesco Morosini strengthened the fortress. Another available record of the 16th century mentions that the castle had suffered gravely from the after effects of a horrible earthquake that occurred in 1508. Besides, the fort had suffered further from raids by the Turks. Source:

This cat got frozen when it realized my doggy beside me!

Almost everyone had hanged laundry outside due this beautiful day!

Colors and I liked this orginal way of recycling a pallet - deco!

please, have a seat!

Having a frappe coffee and wathing the waves dancing..

hahaha, who is more colorful?

This parrot belongs to one bar beside the sea, but it is having a free life, not attached or living in a cage. You can see the boss cleaning the tables and having the parrot on his shoulder and then it goes again to relax in his own spot with food and drink.

Fun fun fun! I got an Ierapetra sightseeing with Nikos and his scooter :)


  1. Ierapetra eteläisin kaupunki euroopassa.Kuvia katsellessa näyttää upealta paikalta.Huomioit aina historian,kun kirjoitat.Tässä oma yleistieto vaan lisääntyy ja hyvä näin,että sivistät meitä.Todellakin aallot tanssii ja täytyy sanoa,että olet värikkäämpi,kun toi papukaija.

    1. Joku joskus järkevästi mulle sanoikin, kun kysyi että olenko värisokea :)

  2. Ahaha,hahaa! Toi oli hyvä komentti " värisokea"


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