29 April 2015

Vegetarian “souvlaki”

Instead of pork or chicken, I make these veggie souvlakis, very tasty dish, even for meat eaters:)
You can put whatever vegetables you have or like, this time I made them from onions, zucchini and peppers. I slice all the vegetables and add them in these souvlaki sticks. I prepare olive oil and “gyros- spice mix” in a bowl and pour it over the vegetables. Time to time I turn the souvlakis in a pan and I let them getting good marinated, some hours before baking them. More time, more taste!

Bake in a pan until all the vegetables are soft, they get a great taste like in a grill!


26 April 2015

Yellow and Green!

This time I publish photos from yellow and green, suites perfect for spring! I blogged earlier the color Blue- My Blue Greece  so I amused my self by continuing shooting photos from colors, another time some more :)

23 April 2015

Discover Crete without a fixed place

As the spring has arrived I´ve start to see the backpackers again. I do see them in winter too, but obviously the weather is much nicer now for the backpackers or cyclist.

Why to take always just a fixed hotel room? I agree hotel offers certain comfort, but if you have little bit of an adventurous mind why not try camping instead? I noticed the flights have come a lot cheaper, now it can make sense to book just flights and leave the hotel open. If you like to rent rooms, you will always find rooms with reasonable prices certainly in the south coast of Crete (often 25 e a night) out of the top season (July and August)...

21 April 2015

Cretan Easter

Greek Orthodox Easter is not the same time as the easter back home, this year it was one week later and it is very important and celebrated. Many people still do fasting in Greece which starts 40 days before easter on Clean Monday and ends at midnight on Easter Sunday. People go to church in Saturday late evening and get back home to have a traditional night dinner, with lamb of course!

So, this was the first time for me to have an Easter experince in Greece. We spent Easter in Kastri, went to Easter church and had a great time eating with the family in Jimmy´s Taverna on Sunday afternoon. Children are having holiday two weeks around the Easter, one week before and one week after (!), back home in Finland kids have only two extra free days, friday and monday.

4 April 2015

Happy Easter - Hyvää pääsiäistä!

Kreikassa ei pääsiäinen osukaan tänä vuonna samaan aikaan kuin teillä siellä Suomessa, vaan ortodoksi pääsiäinen on viikkoa myöhemmin. Suomalaisten pääsiästunnelma välittyy tänne teidän ihanilla pajunkissakuvilla ja koristeilla!

Lidlistä ostin kolmisen viikkoa sitten suklaisen pupujussipussin  (onko tää yhdyssana??) ja se on kyllä auttamattomasti syöty jo aikaa sitten, taisi olla heti siinä kassojen jälkeen, eli silläkään ei autoon tunnelmaa loihdita.

Iloista pääsiäistä teille kaikille ja ensi viikolla meidän olisi tarkoitus olla viettämässä kreikkalaista pääsiäistä jossakin mukavassa pienessä paikassa :)

Terveisin, Nomadish ja sen koira

1 April 2015

Season has started!

Season 2015 is now officially started in Crete ( and no, this is not a joke of 1 of April)! Since the Easter is rather early this year, means that the season starts earlier. Many tavernas opens this week, gives me more choice :). It is almost hard to believe that suddenly there will be more people!

I am still in Frangokastello, the little village on the south of Crete, 75 km from Chania and enjoying the Libyan sea and its view from my camper. Some amounts of tourists, has arrived for the easter holiday and kids are joyfully screaming around. One remarkable thing is that all those little rental cars are slowly arriving which means less smooth driving on Crete. But actually after this windy, rainy, cloudy, snowy winter it is also nice to come across to some more people, so welcome in Crete!

And for my mom:

Ja äiti, pian säkin olet täällä :), siitä onkin tasan yhdeksän kuukautta kun ollaan viimeksi nähty!

Beach life

Water is never too cold for kids!

Most mountains has still some snow