8 August 2015

Kolokytha Island, Peninsula of Spinalonga

This island is connected by a bridge to Crete, so I am not always just in Crete, right?

If you are staying in Agios Nikolaos or Elounda, you can easily visit this beautiful island. I have walked there already before, but this time I had time to explore it better and I still want to return there after the season for nice walkings.  When you climb up the hills, the colors of the sea shows even better, love it!
The island is eco-island (though was a pity to see carbages full and much mess around) and they have no electricity coming over. There is one hotel and one taverna next to the canal (fish tavern, nice looking but rather expensive). In the island you can see some older windmales, an early Christian basilica (5-6th century), Church of Saint Luke, Bysantine chapel of Saint Fokas and of course you can make beautiful walks around.

So turquoise water!

There are coming tourists daily by a ferry and there is a possibility for a BBQ.

Kolokytha Beach

Up on the hill, just ruins, dog and me sharing this landscape.

View to the windmills.

View to Elounda.

Boats are so small when you look down from the hill..

Doggy found a small shade, just enough to have a break and drink :)

New bridge to the island.

Piece of the old bridge which was built by French army in 1897.

Original bench 

Have a seat on shade!

Hungry goat finds his way!

Going up to the other side of the island

Beautiful rocks, look at the crystals!

Reflection Elounda by night.


  1. Kaunista siellä on. Tuli ikävä merta. :)

    1. Merivesi on järjettömän lämmintäkin nyt :)

  2. Ihanat maisemat!Kyllä kelpaisi olla siellä.Ihan sielu lepää,kun katsoo noita sinun ottamia kuvia.

    1. Kiitos, tänne vaan sitä sielua lepuuttamaan!


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