18 October 2015

Oia by sunset

Santorini part 5/8, Oia

Oia, the most famous village in Santorini and maybe the most photographed village in Greece. Don´t forget to fill your wallet when you get here! We were the only at the evening/night time, so maybe it would be worth to see it in day time too. Obviesly it is beautiful, but we felt that so many areas were strictly private, so no view for us. Exclusive shopping, private terraces, long boulevard 150 meters above sea level.

In Oia there are two types of dwellings, the cave houses dug into the volcanic rock on the Caldera cliffs, and the Captains houses. The cave houses used to be the homes of ship crews, whereas the Captains houses belonged to the affluent class of ship owners. Many of the churches in Oia were dedicated to sailors.

Funny art, rose delivery to the lady :)

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  1. Todella loistavia kuvia !!


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