28 October 2015

Santorini mix

Santorini part 8/8 mixed photos

Days in romantic Santorini are now behind and it is time for a little summary. It is very picturesque island, that is very clear, full of romantic corners. But it is very expensive if you compare it to other Greek islands. If you like to have a glass of wine with a nice sea view in Fira, normal price for an ordinary wine is 7-8 euro per glass, small beer mythos 0.33 l starting from five euro a bottle. Somewhere I saw moussaka at 18 euros! But you pay for the view. If you stay in Kamari or Perissa, it will be lighter for your wallet, more standard level like in all other Greek islands. So do not let the prices scare you, you can also visit Santorini with normal budget. My personal choice would be Kamari or Perissa, if I would come for one week holiday. They are both beach holiday destinations, but there good connections with public transport to make visits to Oia, Pyrgos, Fira or you can rent a vehicle.

Weather was clearly more fresh in Santorini in the beginning of October than in Crete. I guess better time would be in September or end May. There are some trails to walk if you like trekking, but it is very small island and quickly seen. But then again I could go there back! I see no point to go there with a camper, not much choice where to stay and you will not have access or find parking with a bigger vehicle, atleast not in so nice spots than other places in Greece. Ive been to other islands in Greece with my camper and I was glad I left the camper this time in Crete and had a room with my friend!

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Another fancy pool decorated with lovely details, you must feel like a Greek Goddess while swimming in this pool!

Nobody there, should I sneak in?

I just loved this boat deco!

Memories and gifts should not be mass produced. I kinda liked this one! All the respect for hand works.

Lovers all over <3

B-52, yammy!

They even have their own brewery called Crazy Donkey, but I didn´t have chance to taste their beer, shame on me! Only one time I came accross to their beer and that was in a tavern, but served in 0.75 l bottle, with a price of 15 e. I don´t mind to pay for a good beer, but I would have prefered just a smaller bottle. They have also IPA-style beer on their selection, my ultimate favorite!

:) :) :).....

...the ladies can be here :P

On our way again somewhere, stairs from our hotel.

My friend found a cutie!

Yep, felt like it, on the top of the cliffs where this tavern was!

Made me laugh seeing these Japanese tourists following their panda-guide :)

Just the week when we were in Santorini, there was this international parkour (freestyle jumping?) competition and we met some guys practising in Fira and Kamari Beach. The final was kept 3.10.2015 in Oia, more photos and info here.

Tempting looking door open!

 Happy biker, was so good to drive a bike after few years :)

My Santorini souvenir is my new cafe frappe glass, so I will think of our journey while having my frappe!

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