3 June 2016

Arriving to Slovakia

Leaving Hungary and to get to Slovakia you need to pass again Danube river, this time by bridge.

Village after the bridge

I noticed that many houses had much colors!

Well well...In Slovakia you are not allowed to have your dog with on the highway stops? What a ridiculous rule...Like I care, I camped one night under this sign and yes, my dog was not hiding inside either. As beeing respectful I clean hear big duties...

...but human, they leave their own shit behind.

Early next morning I woke up and hear many voices around my van. Oh my, I was surrounded by police men who were doing checks for the weights. Haha, will they react when I step out of my van with my dog? Nope. We went out, she had her walk and nothing was said, just a happy good morning :). Also they were not interested of my weight either, well, not actually mine but my van.

Goal was to drive to Tatra mountains and here is the first sight of them!


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  2. Anonymous10 June, 2016

    Kivat säännöt,aivan naurettavat.Slovakia on maana kaunis.Värikkäät talot ja upeat maisemat.


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