28 June 2016

Few days in the nature

After many visits and some city days, was nice to drive back to the nature. Just driving through Warsaw, did not have the feeling to visit this city now. Even I looked from internet in advance for a parking to stay with reasonable price. No. Now we needed some countryside air! 

Arriving to Warsaw.

Lovely taxi still in use :)

Traffic in Poland was in some places even dangerous. You are driving like in a highway type of road with 100 km / h and suddenly the speed limit drops to 70 km / h (most cars do not respect the limit) and cars are passing in front of you. Many times dangerously. This cross in the photo was with traffic lights, but mostly they were not and they were less noticible. Just want to tell do not dream while driving!


hahah, sarcastic silly German driver :P

Yes, I was happy when roads started to look like this!

Arrived in Nowy Most, Poland, only about 150 km to Lithuanian border. Quiet place, with few tents but in daytime many cayaks and canoes. There is a dry toilet, but no fresh water or disposal point. Just a spot to stay and camp with 5 e a day with your camper.
GPS coordinates for this parking are N 50°43'44" E 21°31´10".

See you in Lithuania!

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  1. Anonymous04 July, 2016

    Tällainen maisema tekee varmasti hyvää kummankin matkalaisen sielulle!


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