30 June 2016

Lithuania and straight on to Vilnus

Hello Lithuania! I had only two absolute goals to do in Lithuania (I am sure it deserves more!), meet my Lithuanian friends who I met in Crete and to see Hill of Crosses and first the road was bringing to Vilnus. 

In Vilnus we stayed in Vilnus City Camping. Quite nice camping in a huge grass field. 16 euros night including electricity. Good Wi-fi which reached until the campers. There is also another campsite really beside the old town, so location of the other one is much better, but more pricy. GPS coordinates for this camping where we were are N 54°40'51" E 25°13´36".

There were also some shady places to choose for!

In few evenings there were hot air balloons on the air, I was counting nine of them touring same time. Made me remembering that amazing ballooning festival I once participated in Germany, Warstein. They told its the second biggest annual ballooning festival in the world. We were like 150 balloons going in the air in the same time. All kind of shapes of them and nice evenings organized with live music, food etc. Ah, good old days :), but I love these days too.

So, just arrived in Vilnus city with my friends and there were so many churches!

Didn´t rock on that one, but looked funny, hanging from the bridge:)

No, this is not the one from Denmark, but I find this one very pretty!

People enjoying the day in the shade next to the river, we really had fantastic weather over there!


Lovely dressed tree <3

Photos from the old town... 

I could not agree more.

My Lithuanian friend enjoying a cold cider :)

Then we had a delicious dinner and some drinks in the old town (sorry, totally forgot the name of it!)

All the goodies were vegetarian dishes! Was sooo nice to meet our friends and we had good time together. They also did one camp evening in the campsite, but why do I not have any photos from that (!?!). They brought to have a taste quite tasty Lithuanian berry wines, not strong in alcohol, but with a nice character. Thank you for letting me know these wines! See you again, for sure, in Crete or in Lithuania or maybe in a new place again :), hugs for you both!


  1. What a good memories! Very nice to remember, we had a very nice time together, thank you! :)
    And a name of that vegetarian cafe is "Balti Drambliai" (White Elephants, in english).
    P.S. I don't have any photos from the next evening either but still we will remember, it was very nice evening with a very nice dinner, than you very much!

    1. Totally! Oh, yes that is correct, now when you say White Elephants. Tasty indeed! We take more photos next time :)

  2. Anonymous06 July, 2016

    On aina kiva tavata ystäviä.Eikö hän ole se joka teki sinusta ja Reiskasta sen huovituskuvan.Oli aivan sinun näköinen.Huovittaminen vaatii todella taitoa.


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