5 June 2016

Mountain time! A date with Tatra mountains

Tatra or Tatras mountains are a mountain range between Slovakia and Poland and this was a place I wanted to see. They are also the highest mountain range in Carpathian mountains with highest peak at 2655 meters.

Found this camper stop in the village of Tatranska Lomnica. There are place only for four campers. Price is 10 e per night, including electricity, water etc. Wi-fi they were closing when the restaurant closed, which was 8 pm atleast in May. GPS coordinates are N 49°10'00" E 20°16´53".

This is the Restaurant hotel who helds the camper stop and the parking is behind the building.

From the spot you have also a view to the mountains, well I had a moment, before this 
huge camper took the view..

River flow just behind the campers, nice change for the sea waves!

Nice park also just behind!

The village itself was cozy and had many souvenir shops.

Dandelions getting to the end..

Fancy a beer in this terrace?

I did. Not exactly on this spot, but in another. As a beer lover I of course need to taste the local ones, but this one had that butterish taste which you can find regurlary in Eastern European blond beers and its really not my thing. I call it as a mistake in a taste...Did not finish this one...had a glass of local wine instead.

Let´s go wild and explore the world, here we come Poland!


  1. Anonymous06 June, 2016

    Maisemat on muuttuneet ja olet tosiaankin matkalla kohti hyytävää pohjolaa! Hrr. Olisihan tuossa aika säpinää, jos kaksi koiraa pyörisi kintuissa.

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2016

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  3. Anonymous07 June, 2016

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  4. Anonymous10 June, 2016

    Mitkä maisemat!Todella idyllinen paikka.


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