16 October 2013

Previosly happened

I must tell you as a start that I do feel very lucky and privileged to have this way of living and it gives me the great chance to see, learn, feel and meet beautiful places and unbelieveble people. If I could write all what I have experienced or share the stories Ive heard, Im sure there could be a book written about it, or even better, a series of books.

Until October 2013 I have traversed with camper (many of these countries several times): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands. By plane I have been few times in US (east and west), Mexico, Thailand and some other European countries not listed above. Travelling is my passion :)

I can not tell which country has been the nicest or prettiest, I could only tell from many beautiful places, people and feelings. For sure the most exotic place so far has been Morocco. Three months and 6000 kilometers in this country was an experience indeed and I wish to return there too one day (Insallah ;) ! )

To give the feeling from the past years in the camper I want to share some random photos until I willl get to the day where I am now.

Artic Circle

Coffee moment in Finland

Imatra, Finland

Lake Inari, Finland after midnight

Kilpisjärvi, Finland

My soul view, Saana mountain, Finland

I love skidoo!!

Silent People Art, Suomussalmi, Finland
Russian border zone


Lourdes, France

Millau bridge, France

Noble-Val, France

Normandie, France

Roquefort, France

My rented cutie, Greece - Crete

Lefkada, Greece

Meteora monasteries, Greece

Happy painting in the wall, Holland

Holland, so cute small house!

My friend in Holland felt so sorry about my shoes (she too has noticed that im the worst person of taking care of shoes), so next day she took her magical shoe polish with her and saved my dear shoes, thank you Inge! She also had a big trust on me for future, she gave this polishing stuff to take it with me, so my shoes are now living happily ever after!


Me in Morocco, breaking nuts with stones

Wonderful tea moment with moroccon women







Sahara, Morocco

Sahara, Morocco

Moroccon market

Local musician, Morocco

Marrakesh, I love the colors!

Spices in Morocco


Chefchaouen, Blue Village, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Blue Village, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Blue Village, Morocco

Ouzoud, Morocco

Plage Blanche, Morocco

Road block, Morocco







On the way to the "end of the world"

North Cape


welcome to Slovenia!

Castelo de Pena, Portugal

Laundry day


Original tramway, Lisboa

Marinha, Algarve

Marinha, Portugal

Mysterious mist over a village, North Portugal

Cabo Da Roca, Portugal, most western point of Europe

Porto, Portugal

Monchique, Portugal



Sagres, Portugal

Picos de Europa, Spain - coffee moment

Found snow in Picos de Europa, grrrrrrr!
Picos de Europa

New team member 2012 - found in France 10.11.12


  1. Vihdoinkin aloit kirjoittamaan uutta blogia.

  2. Loistavia kuvia.

  3. Paljon olette nähneet,kun olette ajaneet ristiin rastiin.Mahtavia kokemuksia.Kyllä nauratti sun kengät.

  4. I am honestly happy for you! <3 Some times little envy, of course, but it is natural. ;-) What a special life! <3 Hugs and kisses, Alina & Ella

  5. You lucky woman :D, you have seen SO much and met wonderful people. As old woman you can then write that book or many!! Do you have any idea how old Reiska your doggy is now?
    Have a nice time in Crete!

  6. I do feel one lucky woman indeed ;). Reiska is now about two years old, she got sterilized in Portugal in February 2012 and the vet at the time said that Reiska would be little over one year old. So I celebrate her birthdays the day I found her 10.11, so recently she came 2 years old ;).

  7. beautiful blue Chefchaouen, and a big big kiss dog's nose..... :)
    jc / bordeaux


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