23 October 2013

On the road 2013

Winter 2013 I spent in Portugal mainly and in summer I went to Finland too see family and friends and of course represent the new doggy. We had good time there but like always, the road was calling me again. Where to go again? Well, Greece was too tempting too pass, so currently I am in Crete! I made a long road with doggy to come and leave again from Finland - ferry takes always almost 30 hours and travelling with dog gives its own challenge in a ferry..How to teach to pee in a box and walking in a slippery deck..But we managed well ;).

 To get her in this box, required that I step in first and "show model", after this she was accepting to do her duties
Steeling my bed in the cabin!!


  1. Voi Reinkaista.Ihan tulee ikävä.


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