27 October 2013

One story from Jan of Sweden

This happen to one of the fellow traveller who I met recently, lets call him Jan of Sweden..
Jan is living permanently in his motorhome and has been travelling now around some years and he spent more than a year in Turkey with his camper and im sure he got across many interesting stories but this is one of his stories...

Jan likes peace and tranquility and as he saw on his way a nice looking lake, he marked it out and decided to return there later on, since he loves fishing! Jan is kind of guy that likes fishing, but he doesn’t keep the fishes for himself, he gives them to locals and other fishermen. He simply just fish (or maybe he is not a guy who likes cooking..). As a fact I do know that he thinks that preparing a salad is some kinda magical work – he goes time to time to a restaurant and by his salad as take-away and prepares his meat in his barbeque, by having a complete nice dinner.

So one day Jan returned to his lake in Turkey, found a good spot and decided to stay there some days. One of these days he was having his peaceful day and he got company. Four Turkish guys came with their car and parked some hundred meters away from him. They started to prepare barbeque and obviously they were enjoying some alcoholic drinks too. But they stayed distanced and Jan continued his whatever he was doing. Suddenly he heard many gun shots and the Turkish guys were having fun by shooting in the air and they came more and more noisy. On this point Jan decided to stay inside in his camper, he did not want any troubles as he is peace himself.

He took a book and was reading it when the big Mercedes of this Turkish group started to drive around his camper. He heard a knock on his window and a heavy voice who said – COME OUT! Jan was thinking that maybe if he just do not reply and ignores them, they will continue the road. There came another knock and even louder – COME OUT!

Jan was getting little in a panic (naturally! Four big Turkish men with guns and as he was parked in the middle of nowhere, no one could not even help him out even if he would shout) and he was thinking the options what should he do. If he would take a knife, he could at least injure one of the guys while getting out. But there would still be three left. 

Now he heard a knock at the door side, he decided to step out and thought that at least if he must die now, he prefers to die outside and not in his camper. Jan is a big guy, I would say he is approaching 190 cm (Yes, you can imagine the Vikings).. so, he opens the door and the four Turkish men are waiting him, without  a smile on their faces. The one who is nearest from his door is even bigger than Jan! Oh my, what will come out of this, Jan is scared.

Suddenly this big Turkish man gives a big hit in Jan´s solder and says:
We only want to dance with you, come out and dance with us!

Jan step out and had a Turkish dance with these four guys and all ended without anybody getting killed. Was kind of ending that Jan could not even imagine – neither did I. Gosh, was just a dance…


  1. My very dear friend! <3 What a wonderful blog! Amazing photos, great stories! You really should write a book. Enjoy and EPLBT! <3

  2. Haha haa! Olipa hauska juttu.

  3. Thank you Ella, lets write some more stories ;) EPLBT for ever!!!


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