20 November 2013

Animals in Crete

Doggy walk with car

As I have been long interested in animal care, this issue always touch my heart. In Greece there are many animal cares, I think you find one in almost every island and they are usually taken care by foreign people and based on volunteer work. Development has been big, but there is always plenty of work to do. Im happy to see some process too. Before I basicly never saw local people having a walk with their dogs, but now you come across to this often. Bigger sized dogs gets also walks, not that they are only attached in a short leash outside whole day to be a guardian. This is good news and this is what I wish to see more!

I saw this man getting his dog out with his car twice a day, okay, kinda different way that we give walks for our dogs, but still, this dog got his regular walks! Ive seen this same in Spain and Portugal, so its not just a Greek thing...maybe more like Southern European thing!

One more stray...look at her eyes!!
hahaha, im like David Bowie ;)

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  1. Voihan sitä noinkin ulkoiluttaa koiraansa,mutta on se vaan aika erikoista.Kieltämättä rupes naurattaa.Erikoiset simät on kissalla.Onneksi löytyy vielä ihmisiä,jotka huolehtivat ja auttavat Etelä-Euroopan koiria ja kissoja.Paljon on vielä tehtävää!!


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