1 November 2013

Beaches and hiking with the doggy

Another nice spot to park, view from my door

what is life without delicious frappe- cafe...

We at Falasarna Beach

 What? Recycling in Greece? Oh my, I hope this is a sign for a cleaner Greece. Hallelujah for that!
Sunset Falasarna Beach

Doggy´s beach friend of the day. I chase you and... chase me! Lets run and have some fun babe!
Our trecking path, Sougia

hiking in Sougia, Gorge Agia Irini

time for a little drink pause

the hiking path is somewhere here

gimme some water, its soooo hot while hiking!

hiking road

Im dead after all these walks!
Doggy do have her own pillow too, but I guess she was little bit dead on this point and just layed down in here, doesnt look to spacy for me!

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  1. Reinikaisella on niin hyvät oltavat siellä.Reiska luulee olevansa kenguru.Aina sattuu ja tapahtuu!


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