18 November 2013

Time Traveller

These were left in my door one early morning in the port of Elounda....

Clearly it was from my friend, Time Traveller ;)

I talked with him several times while he was staying with his car front of my van. He was calling himself Time Traveller – I come from everywhere and I stay everywhere, yes, this thought I can share with him!

He loves nature, knew a lot from plants – he likes to collect herbs from the mountains and makes also tea from them. I loved his little gift, made from a special Cretan plant, no idea from what! Nice part is that I can use these pieces as beads, not that he even knew that I do make jewelries. He also left me a note behind, list from nice places to stay and camp, very thoughtful!

I noticed him cleaning the beach and taking the garbage to through it in a proper pin, gave me big pleasure to see this being done. 

Time Traveller has a beautiful soul with a great spirit – Thank You, ευχαριστώ – you made my day!


  1. Tosi kiva seurata seikkailujasi maailmalla! Terveisin Miia From Rinta-Jouppi

  2. Kalimera Miia! Kiitos kommentista ja vierailusta, niinkuin näkyy, Adrialla pääsee minne vain ;), pysykää kanavalla, aurinkoiset terveiset teille kaikille!

  3. Olipa mielyttävä tuttavuus.On se vaan mukavaa,kun tapaa paljon erilaisia ihmisiä.Siinä kasvaa itsekkin henkisesti.


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