2 December 2016

Finland, summer part 6, My dinner in the sky!

My beloved Helsinki, having a Dinner in the Sky! Stunning view to Helsinki from 55 meters high! It was quite an exciting experience and good way to end my holiday in Finland :). Big laugh when I just looked the official site of the dinner in the sky, I found myself in it :P

You really have a view and impression to be free in the air. When we were still down I didn´t realise yet on that point that even our legs are almost in the air, just a tiny square under you to put your feet on, like you can see on the photo above the number 14.

View to the Helsinki Cathedral.

View to the Central Railway station and on the right our National Theater.

He was responsible from the securite and also a big entertainer :)

Chef de Cuisine, Filip Langhoff

It was a four course dinner, but I guess I was too excited and did not take a photo from the first course. They were also to make some changes for the plates since I am vegetarian.

View to Uspenski Cathedral.

Dinner in the sky exists 10 years and they are all around the world!

In the end of the dinner everyone got their passports from the sky. And as I am quite a big eater, I needed to go to eat something still after somewhere else :P


  1. Iik! Huimaa jo valokuvaa katsoessa, vaikka korkeanpaikankammoa ei olekaan. Taitaisi jäädä herkut syömättä.

  2. Kaiken söin ja nälkäkin jäi :P


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