10 December 2016

From France to Spain and Portugal

Had nice time in France, got my first glasses and when my dentist was done, was time to get further south :)

Doggy was found around this lake four years ago and we spend much time here again :)

Camper spot near St.Gaudens in Mazeres-sur-Salat, free spot and good quiet parking with few other campers by. GPS coordinates N 43°08'04" E 00°58'34".

"La Garonne" river was also passing here and from the camper spot you have a view to the river.

First night in Spain! Good free camper stop in Zegama, but pity it was rainy and grey. I saw there were some hikings to do around there, but really not in this weather! GPS coordinates are N 42°58'33" W 02°17'33".

Second stop in Spain in Zamora N 41°30'15" W 50°44'28". Parking for campers without facilities, but was good but COLD spot in November!

Now you can understand why I said cold! Windows on ice!

Welcome to Portugal! I wanted to drive trough northern Spain, but since the weather was not good, was better to continue to Portugal. I wanted also to go back to Picos de Europa in Spain, but in my next article I write something about it with photos from April 2012..


  1. Reinikainen on paras tuntemani mannekiini.

  2. Hän jaksaa aina kaikki nää mun kikkailut :)

  3. Niin mielelläni luen näitä Sun postauksia, ja aivan erityisesti arvostan aire/stellplatzien koordinaatteja. Kirjoitan ne kaikki ylös. Hyvinkin voivat olla tarpeen, kun taas lähdetään reissuun. KIITOS!


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