4 December 2016

Leaving Finland, arriving in France

Leaving Finland behind and heading to Germany, Travemunde! Last time I drew trough Sweden and Denmark, but this time took a direct ferry to Germany, less driving and having good time in the ferry.

Happy that Finnlines offers now often live music! Enjoyed the music from Maria Kiiski and Christian Casagrande, thank you!

The ferry arrives about 8 pm and usually I drive not more than 20 km and have a sleep in a parking lot in Lybeck N 53°51'35" E 10°37'39". Okay spot to stay for overnight, you have Burger King next door and a big supermarket "Cittimarket" to make shopping day after if you need some. The photo above is not from there, was somewhere on the road with apple trees :) 

Goal was to visit the biggest accessoire shop for campers in Holland, Winterswijk, just about 10 km after the German border. I wanted to buy a LPG-bottle so had a stop there, made my shopping and drew back to German side since there is no Camper stop in Winterswijk. The shop you can find here N 51°57'35" E 06°41'10" and a free camper stop in German side N 51°54'20" E 06°51'10.

After Holland and Germany, as a beer lover thought to visit the Trappist Brewery in Belgium. Came quite late in the afternoon and found a stop for campers ( N 50°09'28" E 05°13'31" ) in the Village itself. Not a nice spot, no facilities, but since beeing here, I wanted to see the brewery next day.

The monastery

And the beers? There was no access to visit the brewery and not really even the monastery. I did not have any information before hand about the place, so I thought in my head that it would be like the Trappist Brewery in Holland in Koningshoeven. In Holland you can make a tour and they have a sampling room etc, but in Rochefort, absolutely nothing, Indeed disapointed! So was time to continue the road to France!

Arrived in France trough this little road, nobody to see!

Soon after the border heading to Montherme and came to this fabulous camper stop next to the river N 49°53'08" E 04°44'10" . Three euro a day, water for free (but you needed to pick a hose with right connections from the Captain´s Office. Grey waste drain on the road behind the campers but no facilities for toilets. But in 5 minutes drive you can find a place to empty everything, this spot is only for emptying and not for overnight stayes N 49°52'52" E 04°43'48" .

I really liked this spot, what a nice view to river Meuse! Really calm, nice to look boats passing by, ducks and swans swimming, you know kind of place you can relax easily some days (as I did!).

As a plus every day the bakery car came, tuut tuut, tuut tuut, and could have fresh croissants with the coffee every morning :). Oh, life is so beautiful!

Hot days, a Dutch couple having sun protection.

Other side of the river. You can do beautiful walks in both side of the river and even better with bicycles. Saw many people leaving for whole day cycling tours.

Holiday hat and holiday ice cream :P 

OPS ! Manchester? Not quite, well yes Manchester but not the one we all know..

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