8 December 2016

Message on the dog..not in the bottle

This chap gave several times a visit and stayed always couple of hours around. Always alone without his boss. Who is he?

He was really friendly and lovely boy, in good shape, so certainly having a boss. He liked to run after a wooden stick, but when he got it, he never wanted to give it back, so you needed to have two sticks if you wanted to play with this boy :). He stayed in the shade with us, just laying relaxed.

Since he came so many times, I wanted to give a word for his boss. I wrote in French - "You have a lovely dog and are you aware that he comes to say hi for us and likes to hang around? We like him and he is very welcome :)". This note I attached around his collar.

He left again and had his message with. Next day he comes back, no more note, so obviesly the boss has seen it (was strong rope). Few hours later I went for a walk and saw and old car driving up the road and this big fellow sitting in the back of the car. Hmm, there was something strange, nodoby sitting on the left...Oh yes, of course, this car had English number plates, so maybe he did not even understand my French message :P.


  1. Hi Olka! Now I follow your blog every day and I really think it´s lovely! I can tell you that Fidel has hit home in Sandra and Phils camper. They have bought him a toilet and many playing things. Tomorrow he will go to the vet to fix his balls, but he doesn´t know yet:)Perhaps you already know all this?! Best wishes to you and I hope that Rainy feels fine!/Eva Björn and Errol

  2. Hello there! This is wonderful news, my day could not start better!!! He is still called Fidel :)? I will make an own update about Fidel and happy to get his news in his very own family (without balls :p) Big hug for you!


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