7 December 2016

Meymac, Lake Sechemailles

View from my camper

Once again a beautiful camper spot! I have to say that France is clearly the best country in Europe with organized camper stops "Aires". There is ABSOLUTELY NO point to go in a campsite, unless you need some laundry to be done. Germany is also well organized, but their "Stellplatz" I find often too expensive for what they actually can offer or I have come across just wrong places. I wouldn´t mind to pay some euros a day + water, but ten euro is a bit too much. Of course you find also free nice spots there!

This time the road brought us to Meymac. The Aire is out of the town, view to the lake Sechemailles (view you will have only if you are parked on the first line as I was). Parking and water is free and also here everyday the bakery car came so fresch croissants and bread daily :). So handy!
GPS coordinates to Meymac Aire N 45°31'30" E 02°07'39".

If you get down to the lake you will find a restaurant, beach and kayak rental.

If you continue little further the road to the right from the restaurant you will come to the poin where to start the walk around the lake, worth to do it even in a hot day since its mainly shady. Its only about 5 km walk  tour and I enjoyed to walk it daily with the doggy :)

Opposite of the lake, if you click the photo bigger you can see the campers above the hill.

Doggy enjoyed the water too!

One day was getting to the end again, where next?


  1. He, ihmettelin vähän aikaa, miten siellä Franskassa on edelleen noin kesäistä. Mutta kaikenlaisia kivoja paikkoja sitä maailmassa onkin.

  2. :P, jälkijunassa tulee juttua, jotta päästään taas nykypäivään, Franskan tosiaan jätimme taaksemme marraskuun alussa, mutta juu, nämä jutut on kesäisempiä!


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